Exercises with Deep Breathing for Sedentary Lifestyles

Exercises with Resistance Loop Bands

Exercises with Resistance Loop Bands

Resistance loop band training is a simple and effective way of doing your resistance exercise to increase muscle tone, muscle strength, burn fat or simply increase body flexibility. It is very cost effective and can be used within the comforts of your living room. It is safe for the beginners and at the same time can be made very challenging for intermediate and advance trainers.

In this book, through step by step instructions, Dr. Chopra guides you to the safe and effective methods of using resistance loop bands. Emphasis is laid on the correct grasping of the band, proper start position, warmups, cooldowns and correct movement of the particular body part for the desired results.

The book also concludes with appropriate training regimes for beginners, intermediate and advance users that would help you to set & achieve desired goals. This is a perfect pair for your Resistance Loop Bands.

Exercises with Deep Breathing for Sedentary Lifestyles

The occupational hazards of long work hours and sedentary lifestyles start from back ache, shoulder pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and cervical pain; stretching over to knee pain, varicose veins, and ankle and heel pains. These issues are typically associated with problems of low concentration spans, anxiety, stress, depression and obesity. Now help is at hand.

Almost all of these lifestyle ailments can be addressed by following the simple exercises mentioned in this book. The book itself is short and concise, consisting of exercises, steps, things to watch out for and mechanisms to extract the fullest value out of time invested.

Job well-done. Must read. Really liking the writing style. Very clear message without using flower language where you get lost on what is the actual purpose. A must read for folks who are serious about their life and family to attain the required fitness in this sedentary lifestyle. Binay Agarwal

Amazon.in Customer

This book is a solution towards making your sedentary life active without altering your daily routines too much. With her sound knowledge of Physiotherapy and Yoga, Dr. Monika Chopra has done justice to her subject. Dr. K. H. Sancheti

Founder President & Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation, Pune

Excellent fitness book. It’s a must read book. Excellent examples have been given so that one can try on their own. The best part is that most of these exercises can be done in any office with existing furniture available. This way it becomes easily accepted model of exercise. V. Vivek

Amazon.com Customer

Dr. Monika Chopra is a senior Physiotherapist and Therapeutic Yoga teacher with diverse experience and interests. She is working in the field of physiotherapy for past 13 years. She understands injuries and pain very closely.

Dr. Monika is registered with Indian Association of Physiotherapists. She specializes in the field of Orthopaedic, Neuromuscular physiotherapy and lifestyle related health problems. She is attached with reputed hospitals in Pune. She works as freelance ergonomic consultant to various well known organizations and companies. She also conducts seminars on postural corrections and office ergonomics. She arranges employee wellness workshops in various corporate sectors for orthopaedic rehabilitation and postural care.

Dr. Chopra’s Health & Wellness Clinic is a very well-known multi-speciality clinic in Baner & Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is successfully run by Dr. Monika Chopra and her team.

It also has an Advanced Physiotherapy setup that includes Interferential therapy unit, Ultrasonic therapy unit, Magnetic therapy unit, Paediatric therapy unit, etc. Approach for exercise therapy is one of the best which includes Active Movements, Resisted Exercises against weights & bands, Positional Changes to improve strength and Kinesiology Taping for muscle support. The holistic therapies also include active/passive stretches, pranayama & yoga postures to improve flexibility.

Check out more at www.DrChopras.com

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